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Vesta CDV is a compliance-oriented system built to assist CDS employers with managing and approving visits electronically.


The Vesta team is focused on sharing resources with Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employers so they have the knowledge and know-how to navigate and fully utilize the Vesta Consumer Directed Verification (CDV) system.



Step 1

Complete EVV vendor system training

CDS employers and Designated Representatives may register for Introduction to Vesta for CDS by clicking on the training link below OR complete the Vesta system training when they first log into the Vesta CDV system.

Step 2

Submit your HHSC Form 1722 to your FMSA

Submit your Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Form 1722, Employer's Selection for Electronic Visit Verification Responsibilities to your FMSA.
Note: DO NOT send copy of HHSC Form 1722 to Vesta.

Step 3

Select your visit verification method(s)

Decide which method your CDS employee(s) will use to clock in and clock out to document EVV services and inform your FMSA. The three options include the Vesta Mobile Application, Landline or an Alternative Device.

Step 4

Train your CDS employee(s) how to clock in and out

Train your CDS employee(s) on how to clock in and clock out with the visit verification option(s) selected. Before the CDS employee can begin clocking in and out, the FMSA will need to provide the CDS employer with clock in information such as Agency ID, Employee Vesta ID, and Security PIN. Training resources can be found here.

Step 5

Start verifying and approving visits

Start verifying and approving visits in the Vesta CDV system based on the Form 1722 Option that was selected.

Register For Training

Vesta offers system training to CDS employers and Designated Representatives. Live webinars are scheduled throughout the week at various times of the day and recorded webinars are provided and can be watched at any time.

CDS Employers and designated representatives who have access to Vesta CDV can access all training material, view recorded webinars, or register for live webinars directly from Vesta CDV in the Training section. From the Vesta CDV menu, select Training.

Vesta CDV credentials are created by the FMSA in their Vesta account. Once CDV credentials are created, the CDS employer or the Designated Representative will receive a Vesta welcome email containing the username and temporary password along with a link to Vesta CDV. If you have not received your Vesta CDV credentials, please contact your FMSA.

If you do not have access to Vesta CDV, use the link below to request CDS Employer EVV Training.

Vesta Training

Frequently Asked Implementation Questions