Vesta EVV for State Agencies

Vesta EVV for State Agencies


Vesta EVV provides State Agencies and Managed Care Organizations with comprehensive compliance-based EVV to meet all Cures Act Requirements.

The Trusted EVV Solution for STATE AGENCIES

The 21st Century Cures act mandates EVV in all states by 2019.  Vesta EVV has the expertise to assist State Agencies with comprehensive implementation of EVV to meet all Cures Act requirements.  Vesta EVV worked with Texas Health and Human Services and major Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to successfully transition thousands of providers from paper-based documentation to full compliance-based EVV for over 150,000 Medicaid beneficiaries.


How Vesta EVV Works


Based on service authorizations, VisitPlan makes it easy for providers to create schedules and assign employees to individuals that are receiving services.


 Each night, Vesta loads the next day’s schedule into the VisitLog As employees send start and end times to Vesta, that data is reconciled with the VisitLog.


VisitClock is the reliable and fully compliant tool that provider employees use to log their visits. VisitClock offers three methods to log in visits including a mobile app, landline IVR and time clock token.


Visits that coincide with the VisitLog will be automatically verified. Visits that can’t be automatically verified can be verified manually in the VisitVerify visit maintenance interface. 


Each night Vesta transmits verified visit data to payers for claim validation. Provider billers can use Vesta to generate and transmit claims for verified visits. 


Vesta provides complete visibility and electronic documentation with comprehensive reporting features. Say goodbye to information lags and documentation gaps.

Vesta EVV is the number one EVV vendor in Texas successfully serving over twelve Managed Care Organizations, including United HealthGroup, Superior HealthPlans, Molina Health Plans, Anthem, Cigna-HealthSpring, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  


For State Agencies searching for a reliable EVV system that provides direct visibility, complete documentation, and meets all Cures Act requirements, look no further than Vesta EVV.  With Vesta EVV payers are able to:

  • View network of providers’ EVV data in real-time
  • Make certain patients are receiving the service hours they are authorized to receive
  • Ensure that claims payments align with service delivery hours
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Ensure complete visibility to improve operations and individual care
  • Receive comprehensive electronic documentation
  • Meet all federal EVV Compliance Requirements
  • Meet HIPPA Compliance Requirements
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface
  • Take advantage of thorough training and excellent customer support
  • Access from anywhere, at anytime with our cloud based platform
  • Avoid software installations and updates


Medicaid ProvidersThe number of Medicaid providers that Vesta serves.


IndividualsThe number of Medicaid eligible individuals that Vesta serves.


Daily TransactionsThe number of daily EVV transactions that are collected each weekday.